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I'm not sure if any other show, science-fiction or otherwise has such a large devotion to fan based film, audio and video productions as Doctor Who does. I've surfed the web and checked out a lot of sites. Some work for me and some just don't. I've collected a few of them for you to check out.

Timebase Productions


Fan production or not, these are some bloody good Cybermen. I'm impressed with the quality and how accurate they got the costumes to the "Troughton Era" Cybermen. Unfortunately, I heard they opted for the original Cyber voices. Although, I'm a huge fan of the classic look, I thought it would have been really cool if they went for the Earthshock era voices.


I cannot possibly give you my opinion of Rupert Booth's portrayal as the Doctor. I've never seen any of the video's produced by Timebase Productions. Although, DWM were less than gracious with their feelings towards "Phase Four", Doctor Who author and fan video veteran Jon Blum said that he liked it. I don't tend to listen to the critics anyways. If I did I would never had seen "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen".


On a side note, the panel of viewers in DWM's Fan Production article likened Rupert Booth to Colin Baker's Doctor. Colin Baker happens to be another favourite incarnation of mine.


I was also pleased to see Timebase used my all time favourite Doctor Who monsters, The Sontarans, in a production. Very cool!!


Although, I don't like the costume as a whole. The masks are really superb. An interesting approach to the Sontarans. I like how they made them more hideous. Fitting for a warlike alien race. It's certainly a much better design than the ones in "Shakedown".




This is the fan production famed for having the last filmed appearance of Third Doctor Jon Pertwee. Actually, his first appearance for that matter. But that's another story. This one takes place between "The War Games" and "Spearhead From Space" and features an interim incarnation of the Doctor.


I did get to see a little bit of Tony Garner's portrayal as the Second and a half Doctor. But it wasn't enough to really draw a conclusion on it. But they really did a fine job making his costume look almost identical to Patrick Troughton's and even facially he somewhat reminded me of an amalgamation of Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee (there's a rather amusing picture of Garner and Pertwee in that issue of DWM).


Another very impressive fan production. Not only for Jon Pertwee's appearance, but also for the production values. The console room, the console and most importantly The Daleks are incredible. It can also be noted that this company in particular was used to construct the console room and Daleks for the Doctor Who Comic Relief "The Curse of Fatal Death". Well done!



Click on first two pictures below to hear audio clips.


Another victim of DWM issue 275. Written by Doctor Who author Jon Blum who also stars as the Seventh Doctor. Legend has it, that this is the film that wife and fellow Doctor Who novelist Kate Orman first got a glimpse of her future husband. Jon's been trying to pitch "Timerift" as a novel for BBC. I was very impressed with his audio adventure "The Fearmonger" (starring real Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred) and I wish him the best on getting it commissioned.


On a more personal note, Jon Blum is a really decent writer and "The Fearmongers" is probably one of my favourite audio adventures thus far. From the clips I've heard, there are some really smashing lines and although Jon is pushing to commission "Time Rift" to be a novel, I think it make a really good audio adventure starring Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred. It was also be a great story for Anthony Ainley to make his return to the Doctor Who fold as a certain "Doctor Black" in this adventure.


The Federation


Doctor Who's answer to The Rutles. Best known for the fan produced parody "The Reign of Turner". Also known for Steve Hill's uncanny portrayal of Colin Baker.


Also known for some of the most accurate Doctor Who costumes in a fan production. From what I heard they actually have someone who designs all those costumes. That poor person's fingers must hurt terribly after making the Sixth Doctor costume!!!


Okay, I think I can say the only thing that annoys me looking at the pictures of this production is the actor playing Tom Baker trying too hard to do Tom's toothy grin. I'm amused at the picture of him kicking a rather kacky version of K-9. Poor K-9.


Homegrown Productions


This is one of the fan productions I found surfing the net one day. I added it because it seemed like the "Manos: The Hands of Fate" of fan productions by looking at the production photo's.


I don't find the TARDIS console terribly breathtaking for one thing. No excuse in my eyes. I've seen other fan productions who probably have about equal a budget as this one at least try and make the console look as close to the series as possible.


Time's Champion Production


Another one of those fan productions I discovered while surfing the web. I can't admit being "won over" by the production photo's I saw on their site.


Okay my two biggest gripes. One: the costumes. I had mentioned it on the previous page, but people just think they can randomly reach into their closet and pull together any mismatched piece of clothing for the Doctor's costume. The Doctor has to have some sort of Edwardian feel to his costume design and not a Salvation Army feel to it.


Second: the 12th Doctor's(above photo)character was described as being moody and cryptic. Post New Adventure Syndrome as I explained on the previous page. Although, I admit I like the waistcoat and shirt. But the jacket just doesn't do it for me.


This would be the companion, I assume.

Despite the criticism I gave on a few of them, at least fans of Doctor Who are that dedicated to the show that they want to make these video's. If you have seen any of these or any other fan video's, e-mail me and share your opinion of what you thought of them.